Andy Paczos

Andy Paczos (Pay-cose) is a Chicago artist who’s work we’ve been documenting with both video and still images for several years. (The resulting “Pacumentary”, as we refer to it, should be completed by year’s end). A self described “rugged individualist”, Andy is a follower of the plene air movement, a branch of artists who do all of their work in a fixed position on location, usually outside, and often in inclimate weather. In a world measured in 140 characters or less, it’s refreshing to witness a meticulous and labor-intensive process that refuses to be rushed.

Two years ago he became the first artist to be authorized to paint in the Chicago subways, resulting in a showing at Maya Polsky’s river north gallery. A year before that he finished a series called Abandoned Demolition, 12 paintings completed within a two year period on a ten-acre site of an abandoned factory near Chicago’s Goose Island.  Lately he can be found at various locations throughout the Loop, usually way too early in the morning, working on a new series of paintings featuring the Chicago River. In all cases Paczos’s eye for the nature of structure is its various forms and states is an inspiration to those of us who strive to sneak a little art into the work whenever possible.

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